South West Lancashire Independent Community Advice Network celebrates 40 years

Congratulations to South West Lancashire Independent Community Advice Network (ICAN) for their essential work over the last 40 years!  ICAN started on 2nd May 1980 at the Ecumenical Centre in Skelmersdale Town Centre and provides benefits, employment law and debt advice, as well as running a drop-in computer suite,

Greg Mitten, Chief Officer, West Lancs CVS said, “SWLICAN, known locally and informally as ICAN is one of the most essential support networks for the community of West Lancashire. We would like to join our colleagues from across the West Lancs Voluntary, Community, Faith & Social Enterprise sector in thanking them for their hard work in bringing together their essential resources, quality advice and training programmes over the last 40 years. ICAN’s hard work should not only be recognised for the positive impact it has made for thousands of local residents who have received its support during a time of personal crisis but also for the very practical resources such as its community based IT suites used by local residents in their daily lives.

“Over the years it has had to work through many challenges to survive as a charitable organisation which is, in itself, an incredible achievement as it is its determination to continue to ensure it remains connected with its original aims and values as described in their own words:

“ICAN’s basic philosophy is the empowerment of people to be active citizens who are able to help themselves, either by accessing services or volunteering and employment opportunities. We want people to be able to solve their problems themselves by providing them with the necessary life skills, confidence, resources and facilities to do so”.

West Lancs CVS would like to acknowledge all of the individual volunteers, trustees and staff members, past and present through the 40 years, who have contributed to ICAN’s success in making such a major contribution to the well-being of our community.”