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The Volunteer Centre

What does Volunteer Centre West Lancashire do?

  • helps potential volunteers to access voluntary work
  • recruits volunteers for organisations in West Lancashire
  • advises on and promotes the interests of volunteers and volunteering

What's in it for me?

Volunteer Centre West Lancashire holds details of over 200 voluntary opportunities on file. These cover a wide variety of activities, ranging from working with young people to working with older people; from working outdoors in conservation projects to working in a charity shop; from playing a musical instrument to fundraising.

Our information on volunteering opportunities is updated constantly and added to as new opportunities become available.

The Volunteer Centre West Lancashire recognises the importance of volunteering and the rights of everyone to be an active citizen, and acknowledges that volunteering plays an important part in their personal development and achievements. Volunteering can enrich your life. It will give you the opportunity to build on your skills, improve your self esteem, make new friends and make a difference to your community. No matter how many hours you have to spare, you will be offered the opportunity to put your time to good use.

The Volunteer Centre runs a certificate scheme that involves volunteers doing 100 hours' voluntary work, working to a role description prepared by your organisation. On completion of 100 hours, the volunteers are presented with a certificate and a written reference, which can then be produced to enhance their employment prospects. (This scheme has also been extended to an optional 200 hours certificate).

Visit www.doit.org.uk to look at the volunteering opportunities that may be available.

How do I volunteer?
By contacting the Volunteer Centre-details below

How can the Volunteer Centre help my organisation?

  • We can advertise your volunteer opportunities
  • We can recruit volunteers
  • We can assist with your training needs
  • We provide ongoing support and advice on volunteering issues
  • We can include your organisation's volunteers in the Certificate Scheme and assist with the preparation of the paperwork
  • We can assist and advise on the development of good practice in volunteering‚Ä¢

For further details contact
Janice Howard
Tel: 01695-733737
Fax: 01695-558073

The Volunteer Centre is open
Monday to Friday 9.3Oam-3pm